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Energy Saving Tip 8: Turn off your tap!

When you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, do you leave the tap running or do you turn it off? If you do leave the tap on, hang your head in shame! This is something that’s really simple to change and can have a big effect on the amount of water used in your household – if you are on a water meter, it will also help to reduce your bills too.


It is estimated that on average, a bathroom tap will flow at a rate between 5 to 7 litres a minute! If you don’t believe it, try putting the plug in while you brush your teeth and see how quickly the bowl fills up.

If you start turning off your tap, you could save around 20 – 30 litres a day. A family of 4 could therefore save somewhere in the region of 80 -120 liters! If everyone in the UK were to turn off their taps while brushing their teeth, the water saving would be the equivalent of supplying 500,000 homes.

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