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Energy Saving Tip 7: Mobile Phone Chargers

When you have finished charging up your mobile phone do you ever leave the power adaptor plugged in and switched on? If you don’t, give yourself a pat on the back!

Turn off your mobile charger when its not in use!

Turn off your mobile charger when it's not in use!

When plugged in and switched on, mobile phone chargers normally draw the same amount of energy whether they are charging a phone or not.

Do you leave your phone on charge overnight while you are sleeping? Most modern mobile devices will take around an hour to fully charge, so this will mean that while you are asleep your phone which will be fully charged is wasting energy and should really be switched off.

If you need your phone charged up for the day, the best time to charge it is when you wake up in the morning. This means that when you leave for work, your phone will be charged! To speed up the time it takes to charge your phone you could switch it off. If you have a modern phone, turning off bluetooth and wifi will ensure that your battery lasts much longer between charges and will charge faster when plugged in.

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