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Energy Saving Tip 6: Energy Efficient Appliances

When buying new products for your home or workplace, does the energy efficiency of the appliance have an effect on your decision making process? It may be tempting to always opt for the product with the lowest ticket price, but in the long run a more expensive item which uses less energy could save you money in the long run.

EU Energy Label

EU Energy Label

EU directives (92/75/CEE, 94/2/CE, 95/12/CE, 96/89/CE, 2003/66/CE, et alia) dictate that most electrical items, light bulbs and cars must display an EU Energy Label which displays the energy which is consumed by the item. These labels should be used as a guideline when purchasing products, the most energy efficient appliances will be rated in the green letters.

In the UK, the most energy efficient appliances will display the Energy Saving Recommended logo:

energy savingrecommended logo

Here’s the energysaving kettle I bought last year, it was on offer too!

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