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Energy Saving Tip 3: Save Money on Heating

During winter we spend a lot of money heating our homes. I’m not suggesting that we should all sit shivering huddled up in the corner of the room, but spending some time reviewing your heating could lead to some significant energy (and cost) savings.

Simply by turning your heater thermostat down by as little as 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to 10% – a potential reduction of somewhere in the region of £40 per year.

To make your house warmer, you can try some of these tips:

  • Only heat the rooms you are using. If the spare room is only used when you have people staying over, does the room need to be heated all of the time?
  • Open the doors on rooms which receive the most daily sunshine – this will help warm air circulate around the house.
  • Close your curtains and blinds as it gets dark – this will reduce the heat lost through the glass windows.
  • Keep furniture and large objects away from radiators – these objects will absorb and block the heat.
  • Avoid drying clothes on radiators.
  • Try to use draft excluders which will help to reduce heat loss around doors and windows. Inspect your window and doors – any seals that look old and cracked must be replaced. If windows and doors do not fit correctly then fix/call someone in order to fix them.

If you are still to cold – put a jumper on!

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