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Energy Saving Tip 13: Use Candles

I’ve been poorly over the last few days and as a result I have fallen behind a little on my daily blog posts.

For today’s energy saving tip I would like to highlight the enormous benefits of using candles. I was skeptical at first of just how effective they are but after a little research and some number crunching I am now a candle convert.

Tealights - a girls best friend

Tealights - a girls best friend

We’ve got a big selection of candles in our flat.. tea lights, tapered candles, pillar candles and scented aromatherapy candles.

When we sit at the table for our dinner Claire insists that we have tea lights in the candle holder. This turns each meal into a romantic candlelit dinner for two (or more if we have visitors!). It’s surprising just how much light the candles give off, and even more surprising how long they last for.

On an average night, we don’t have to put the lights on in our flat until we go to bed. Lets have a think about the maths behind this:

  • 3 to 4 hours of saved energy a night
  • around 21 – 28 hours saved per week
  • somewhere in the region of 1092 – 1456 hours saved per year

Admittedly these are based on very rough estimates, but I’m sure you get the idea!

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