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Energy Saving Tip 1: Energy Saving Lightbulbs

low energy spiral bulb

low energy spiral bulb

I had to start with an obvious one…

Energy saving lightbulbs can last up to 10 times longer than an ordinary bulb. This means that over the lifetime of the bulb it could save you around £40! If you replace a high wattage incandescent bulb with an energy saver this saving could be increased further to around £65 over the bulbs lifetime!

Over recent years the technology behind energy efficient light bulbs has become much more advanced. Modern energy saving bulbs are up to 5 times brighter than a traditional light bulb, and with a 10 year life span there is less time spent tripping over in the dark looking for a torch too! Nowadays, dimmable energy efficient bulbs are also available in a wide range of shops too.

Energy efficient lighting can make your home or business greener and save money in the process.

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