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At last.. a new blog post!

It has been a long time since I last updated the blog! I’ve been quite busy over the last few months, but I will hopefully get more chance to work on the site over the summer.

I have still been going out taking pictures of companies leaving their lights switched on. It is quite difficult taking pictures, but I have been reading a book called the Complete Guide to Digital Night and Low-Light Photographynight and low light photography which is full of really useful tips.

Primark in Nottingham

Creating and working on this website has been much more time consuming that I first imagined. It’s good practice though and I’m learning more wordpress, php, and photoshop skills. The SLR Cameraslr camera that I bought has also taken a bit of getting used to – I’ve got a hard disk full of blurry and out of focus pictures!

I have nearly finished building the homepage of the main site which I’m pleased with. Up next is writing some content for the main pages!

As ever, please email in or send me links to pictures you have of companies who have left their lights switched at night!

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  1. Stu Owens says:


    Was going to send you a photo of The Point in W Bridgford but that scoundrels have started to turn their lights off! How inconsiderate.

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