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TOYL: Featured on the BBC

This week Turn Off Your Lights was featured on BBC Radio Nottingham. The station recently held the Energy Experiment, to promote energy saving across Nottinghamshire.

Andy Whittaker, the presenter of the breakfast show mentioned this site and encouraged listeners to get online have a look. The clip, which was recorded from the BBC iPlayer, is avialable here:

Turn Off Your Lights – Radio Nottingham

The full results of the Energy Experiment will be released in March, but early signs are that it was a big success. Central Networks who monitor the power consumption, estimate that in the between 9pm to 12pm on Wednesday 18th Feb, 1600kwh of electricity was saved.

I would like to thank the Andy Whittaker for mentioning the site, and also thank the BBC for the link on their website.

Please let me know if you have spotted businesses who are leaving their lights switched on and wasting energy! Take a photo and send them in to be featured on the site. All photos can be sent to: photos@turnoffyourlights.co.uk

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  1. This is a great idea, I reckon it’s going to catch on. Looking forward to seeing it progress. Good luck!

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