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Shopping for Cars in the Middle of the Night?

Here are a few more pictures that I have taken around Nottingham. Have you ever noticed how many garages leave their showroom lights on through the night? I can kind of see the reasons behind it, they want people to look in, see the cars and then go back in the morning for a test drive..

Fair enough, but how many people are walking past garages at 1 o’clock on Sunday morning looking at cars?

These two garages are on Lenton Lane in Nottingham – Nobody dares to walk around there at night! The only people who drive past are doing 70mph on the A52 Ring Road.

Lenton Lane, Nottingham

This is a picture of the Ferrari garage:

Ferrari, Lenton Lane, Nottingham

Here is the Sytner BMW garage:

Sytner BMW, Lenton Lane, Nottingham

I wish that I had taken a photo of the Honda garage. They are located next to the Ferrari building and all of their lights were switched off.

Have you seen any businesses who are leaving their lights switched on and wasting energy? Please take a picture and send them in to be featured on the site. All photos can be sent to: photos@turnoffyourlights.co.uk

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  1. Jon says:

    Honda are amazing. I think I am right in saying they have never made a loss in their history. Great company.

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