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Photo’s of London at Night

One of my friends shared a link on twitter this afternoon that I thought was amazing! The link was for a series of photos taken by Jason Hawkes.

The pictures, which were taken from a helicopter, feature many famous London attractions during the evening or night. The height at which the pictures are taken create great pictures, and the way in which some of the buildings are illuminated during the night look fascinating.

Some of the pictures can be viewed here on Jason’s site, or here on the Boston Globe website.

Please watch this clip from the BBC iPlayer for more information about the pictures:

I liked the section in the video where Jason mentions that all of the lights in the buildings are left switched on despite the fact that nobody is at work!

If you have pictures of companies who leave their lights swiched on during the night, wasting electricity, then please send them in to be featured on the site. Pictures and any comments about the website can be sent to: photos@turnoffyourlights.co.uk

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